Eternity is in love with the productions of time. William Blake

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A Lantern to the Deeply Living/Suncatcher: November 19, 2006

A Lantern to the Deeply Living

I am self-catalyzing

Containing the Teacher


Reaping the sacrifice

To which I had offered

My blood:

That is,

The very beat

Of my burgeoning soul.

These bloodied jewels,

Hope crystallized

By patience

Into love

Seeking the Beloved

Within the pain,

And now I have

Found Her

Out of it,

But again inside


No longer am I only


For my body shines

In the light

Of the returning


And not only

Does the Child

Have a voice

But the Man,

As well:

The Man

Who contains all parts

And walks with

The Journeyer’s stick,

The Shaman’s drum,

The Warrior’s shield,

The King’s staff,

The chalice of the Priest

And the nakedness of the Lover:

I am self-catalyzing,

And so the love I draw to my open arms

Reflects that which I am ready to receive:

Great peace and passion,

The space to breathe the living air

Of my own sphere

Silver, gold and platinum threads

To bind close that which I love.

These are dangerous words,

The truth of who I am.

With the experienced innocence

Of the Bodhisattva

I speak them:

In a world where the gods are stripped

Of heart and cock

I offer the unity of these in myself,

Sometimes stumbling, often graceful

As a lantern to the deeply living.

Birthing Magdalene’s Heart

Hello Dear Ones,

I am currently in the wonderful, albeit sometimes murky, process of re-visioning my healing/professional practice.  As part of that I have been doing more writing about the emotional/spiritual/philosophical heart of my work.  This morning, while writing about said topic, I realized it would be beneficial to actually bring my community into my journey, instead of waiting to present a final ‘product’ to you.  So below I am copying my thoughts from today, raw and unedited.  Please let me know what languaging resonates with you, what seems less grounded or clear, and any other thoughts you may have.  As a related note of interest, I will also be integrating all of the material from my Bhakti Birth and Bodywork blog into this one, streamlining and strengthening my efforts.

Many thanks,

Magdalene’s Heart

A Practice Devoted to Wholistically Supporting Somatic Healing and Life Transformation

Why the Heart?  The Heart is the electrical center of the body.  The Heart is the chakra that unites the body and spirit/soul.  In one painting of the body and the chakras, the Heart is actually the first chakra, and our energy moves in a spiral out and around from there.  In Biodynamic Cranial Touch, we reside in our heart, in our sinoatrial (SA) node, as the point of neutral and the point of balance.  The SA node is the pacemaker of the heart—it is the impulse generating tissue.  To reside here means that we literally and energetically pace our lives through Heart energy, through the vibration of love.  It is this centering in the Heart that allows a dance, and a balance, between the more earthly energies of the lower chakras (survival, pro-creation, sexuality, personal power) and the upper chakras (language, perception and the inner senses, direct connection to Source).

Why the Magdalene?  The Magdalene symbolizes and embodies the experience of the Divine as lived through the intimacies of day to day life, and through bodily rites of passage:  birth, menarche/puberty, sexuality, marriage/partnership, healing and death.  The Magdalene was the one who recognized, through perception and action, who Jesus was:  he became the Christos (anointed one) when she literally anointed him with her sacred oils and her hair.  It is not enough, in these times of change, that we see God/dess/Life/Source as only outside ourselves.  In order to heal the rifts of modern alienation and disenchantment, we must recognize the Divine in each other.  Fortunately, this can be simply and practically done through resources we already possess as humans.  We can slow down.  We can honor the body and her processes as an expression and vehicle of Source.  We can touch each other with kindness and love, allowing vulnerability and intimacy to permeate our relationships.  We can reclaim the passages of the body (birth, sex, death) and become the subjects, instead of the objects, of those transformational opportunities.

So what does this mean in terms of a healing practice?  How does it translate into tangible work supporting people in their bodies, women and families in the midst of pregnancy/labor/postpartum, women seeking to heal and align their sexual, creative embodied selves?  The heart of this work is relational—regardless of the modalities used or the circumstances under which we work, how we engage with each other (vulnerability, honesty, compassion, love) is the starting point for the healing and transformation.  How the body is seen (whole, innately intelligent, sacred, an expression of the spirit/soul, vs mechanical, base and inherently problematic) guides us in how we engage and support the body.  As spiritual beings expressed in flesh and blood, we long for the experience of the body, its pleasures and pains, its joys and sorrows, to be acknowledged.  Through touch, through witnessing, through somatic education and personal and community ritual we acknowledge and align with the body’s deep spiritual experience.  I am a writer and a doula, a bodyworker and healer, a teacher and spiritual midwife.  Everything I have, everything I know, all the mystery I am privilege to witness and experience, is mediated by my body.

Suncatcher: February 15, 2011

My existence is a joyful expression of the Tao.

I am the embodiment of Love’s warmth.

I am the manifestation of God’s humanity.

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