Eternity is in love with the productions of time. William Blake

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Suncatcher: 12/29/1999

As I lean more forward into this change, like the hard knob of a cane or the handle of a spade splitting the earth, all the breaths of [the] lives that surround [me] pressurize into a knot, confusing to take apart although the fine, multi-colored strands are apparent.

Suncatchers: Unearthing My Journals

Recently I have made a new commitment to bring my writing to the forefront.  The most practical aspect of that commitment is to write every day, from 9-10 AM, for the next month.  In addition to generating new writing, I also realized that there is a lot of goodness squirreled away in my journals from the last 20 years.  What I have spoken in my heart is not fully communicated because it has not been received by others. Furthermore, I sense that whatever is new that I long to bring forth simply won’t come unless I can remember/re-visit/re-learn that which has been.  I am calling this part of the blog ‘suncatchers’ because they are  pieces of crystal, imperfect and small, but capable of reflecting the larger light of the sun.

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