Eternity is in love with the productions of time. William Blake

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Here or There

Back in California.  It is a quiet but happy re-entry.  So far I have only seen Molly/Crow/Rowan, and Jesse when he came to pick up Kale’a.  This is the second morning here; last night I went to bed at 10:15 and found myself awake around 5AM.  I lay in bed awhile, because it was cozy and warm, and once I was sure I wasn’t tired anymore, I got up.  Brushed my teeth, took a cold shower, and now tea and toast at the kitchen table while I read a marvelous issue of The Sun whose theme is food.  I feel good.  I feel quiet.  The world is going on around me and I remember my center here, inside.  I think about how patterns can change in my life, if I can learn to accept all those niggly parts of myself and draw them in closer.  This year in Portugal brought me the chance to become more intimate with those niggly parts, and now the beauty of Portugal and my loved ones  is immediate and fresh to me this early morning.  My heart seems situated deeper than here or there.

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